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The associates of Lake Erie Asphalt Products have brought eco-friendly asphalt products into the market to protect our environment.  Our mission is to continue to educate, consult the public, and our leaders that eco-friendly products do make a difference. 

We only have our future to look forward to, and our past to learn from.  As natural resources are limited, and our knowledge is greater than ever, we offer assistance in the reduction of carcinogens and other poisons filtering into our water supplies and into our homes. 

We are the areas only sealant manufacturer.
With our quality sealant products, we are able to offer prices that compete with market
prices. Being a manufacturer of asphalt sealant, we have an upper hand that affords us the opportunity to pass the savings onto our clients.

Whether you are an asphalt service company or in need of asphalt for a project, you will
find the best quality asphalt at the lowest price.
We offer a full range of sealant services.
From highways, runways, parking lots, and streets, to private driveways....
We have the equipment and experience to meet any of your needs.